What is Action Research?

Notes from October 13, discussion with Jonathan and MA Students at Camberwell.

Action research is a type of research that isn’t about data collection. It is practice based and intentionally doing more than you would normally do, raising questions and improving and changing what you do. It is more than just problem solving, it is more than just working out what to do.

There are 4 characteristics of action research:

Cyclical– you start with a question, then you:
– Plan
– Act
– Observe
– Reflect

You then end up with a new question and start the cycle again.

But this cycle doesn’t always feel like it is heading in one direction.

And often it can just feel very messy

— People – doing an MA we are joined in a community of enquiry around our art practice. We are exploring ideas in a formal learning environment. We are learning from each other when discussing different topics and ideas.

— Materials – Learning from materials. We learn from engaging with our materials in a deeper and more intentional manner.

Qualitative (not quantitive) – This is about words, feelings, the intuition of a situation, it is not about measuring data. This is being aware of who you are when you research.

Reflective – Reflection is not what you have done, but who you are when you are doing it.