I had my tutorial today to discuss our end of year exhibition in June.

Jonathan and I discussed my idea – both the practicalities and the ‘feel’ of the piece.

The practicality that is most important to me are: WILL THERE BE A BLOODY SIGNAL IN THE STUDIO??? The exhibition is being held at CSM and there are places in the building where the mobile signal is so terrible that you get an E connection, if you are lucky. Now, the studio we’ll be exhibiting in is on the edge of the building next to the windows, so I hope it won’t be an issue, but it’s something that I’ll need to check soon as my piece relies on the viewer having an internet connection. If the phone signal is terrible, then I’ll have to think about setting up my own little network.

We mainly discussed the ‘feel’ of the piece as it relies on creating the experience of rifling through a private ‘archive’. Choosing the items will be key to giving it the feeling I want it to have. ‘Staged reality’ is what I wrote down. The ‘reality’ bit is crucial.

I want it to straddle the Real and the Digital, the Private and the Public. Fake News/Real Fiction. Fabricated Realism.

I’ve already started planning and acquiring things. I won’t need to finalise the size of my space for a while, but I’ll need to finalise that by the end of May at the latest.