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Note 5th Feb: Adding links to my blog hasn’t been working very well, if I am honest. If I’m on my phone or, for whatever reason, I am unable to log into my blog, I’m not able to save them here. Instead, I have either bookmarked places on my browsers or have emailed them to myself. This is simply too disorganised to be useful. As of the 5th of February, I’ve downloaded two different bookmarking apps that were recommended in a friend’s newsletterMyMind and – I am hoping that these help with the organisation of online resources.

25 Jan
THIS IS NO WAY TO BE HUMAN We now occupy a nearly natureless world. By Alan Lightman

Social Media Is Attention Alcohol A fun product has the same downsides as booze. Instagram’s own internal research makes the case better than any critic. By Derek Thompson

22 Jan
The best of minds, the worst of minds: are we mentally ready for the metaverse?

A 21st century idyll where kindness and positivity prevail, or a potentially lawless landscape in which anything goes? The metaverse could be either. Or both. But, asks Amy Kean, are we ready to peer into a dark, morally skewed mirror-world that could severely impact the already fragile mental wellbeing of the planet’s youth?

7 Jan
My first impressions of web3

4 Jan
A Free Online Course on Dante’s Divine Comedy from Yale University

2 Jan
The Places Where Truth Goes To DieHow we wall ourselves off from reality.David French

28 December

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Jaron Lanier discussing VR.

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