YouTube Response

If you’ve not seen this hilarious response to my X-Files script unboxing video, you must, you must, you must!

“Why Didn’t You Invent YouTube?”

The alarm went off just after 7. ‘The Today Programme’ popped on. I decided to listen to the news for a bit like I normally do when Brian isn’t around (when he’s here I tend to turn it off right away to let him sleep)… The story about Google buying YouTube came on. From under […]

Film Costume Nerdery 2


Visit my RHPS-based costume blog here. When I was a teenager, I loved the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In high school, my friends and I would turn up at the cinema, Saturday night at midnight, sometimes dressed up, sometimes not, sometimes with our rice and water pistols, sometimes not, always ready to dance and sing […]

I Punch First


The night of the 22nd of May, I’d gone out with some friends in the evening, only had a couple drinks and got home early. I was in bed by 11pm. At just after 5 the next morning, I heard one of our cats jump down from my little son’s bed in his room right […]

Strong, not skinny.


This morning I woke up to see yet another woman being attacked with horrendous abuse and rape threats on Twitter. My first reaction was despair. “Not again. Will this never stop?” Before I made myself feel defeated by ignorant morons, I got down on my floor and did some push-ups. I ended up doing 100, […]

Finding The Positive

Catching Sunshine

There seems to be something very exciting in the zeitgeist at the moment. Lots of different people from different areas seem to be thinking the same things. People are tired of the “cynicism” “pessimism” “criticising” and instead are calling for more “creativity” “art” or simply asking others just to “do something“. 2013 is clearly about […]

Soft Circuit


I’m starting to explore the world of soft circuits – the fusion of electronics and fabrics. The other day I got a Lilypad Protosnap development board. The Lilypad Arduino is a microcontroller designed to be sewn into clothing. I’d seen quite a few things done with the Lilypad Arduino before, but as I don’t have […]



I’ve been getting a ton of hits here this week because Brian’s Wonders of the Universe starts tonight. I don’t really blog much anymore because I’m far too busy with life. I’m on Twitter, so is Brian, though my Twitter is far more interesting than his. For example, his last tweet was about how he’s […]

7 Wonders Of The Solar System/ Professor Brian Cox


Brian’s in the middle of filming a big new series for the BBC. I decided to do this post now to gather up the info, images and video that are trickling out on the web. First, Brian is Twittering from everywhere he films. He’s also taking loads of photographs. Here are just a few. In […]

My 2008

Last year I did a run-down of my year and thought I’d do the same again this year.

Brian Cox- Horizon- Do You Know What Time It Is?

BBC 2, 9pm, tonight. Brian’s Horizon on Time tonight is brilliant. Honestly. I watched it a couple months ago and even though I knew what was in it, there was one point at which I actually got a kind of vertigo. Brian talks to mathematical physicist Neil Turok about the idea that the Universe has […]

Brian Cox- Horizon What Time Is It?

The teaser for Brian’s new Horizon is out. Remember: Horizon, December 2, BBC2, 9pm. More here.

Save Jonathan Ross

**UPDATE** 26/11/08 Jonathan thanks everyone again for their support. If you’ve not heard already, he’s on Facebook now. Search for Jonathan Stephen Ross and friend him. Also, there is another petition in support of Jonathan and Russell, please sign it! **UPDATE** 02/11/08 I just emailed Jonathan with the messages and told him about the Facebook […]

I Love Obama

What’s Your Favourite Film?

I’m helping out with the British Film Institute’s 75th birthday celebrations. They’ve asked 75 different ‘well-known people’ to nominate one film each, then ‘the public’ are able to vote on them. The top 5 will be screened at the BFI from January. Here are a few of the choices: There have been 63 different films […]

Professor Brian Cox on Newsnight

There have been many times over the years when I’ve been extremely proud of my lovely husband. His appearance on Newsnight the other night is right at the bloody top of the list. Delight with me in the massive smackdown he gives to Sir David King who, believe it or not, is the President of […]