Tutorial 15 Nov 2021

15 November 2021 with Jonathan

I talked about how I want to put up some ‘boundaries’ so that I will ‘be allowed to/be forced to’ dig deeper into the stuff I’m looking into. It’s very easy for me to flit along finding new things to be interested in and learn a bit about them and move on. I know a little bit about a lot of things and though that can be very useful (ie I can grab hold of disparate ideas, find the connections and put them together), I’d like to dive a lot deeper into the infrathin stuff I’m working on… He asked what I’d like to achieve… that was hard to answer. My first thoughts being all ego-based stuff… What I said was that I’d like to have some good new ideas and to allow others to understand this stuff.

I said that work I’ve done previously that has had good reactions from others has always been work that has taken me a lot of time and thought… I also said that at Chelsea I felt like I was “always” making stuff for an exhibition rather than making work when it was ready and so didn’t often do work that I was happy with…

He asked me what my working process is. I was honest. I said I think a lot, do some feeble, half-hearted ‘experiments’, see if there’s anything interesting that might be hiding in there (if there isn’t, stop) and continue experimenting in the hope that something even more interesting will come out of it… and on and on. Basically, my process is ‘messing around’.

We talked about the experiments I’ve put on the blog (1 and 2) and what worked and what didn’t work in them (experiment 1 has some AMAZING stills in it, but put together it doesn’t work, experiment 2 I just pushed waaaaaay too far.)

My next steps are to just keep ‘messing around’. I know what I need to try video-wise next… Maybe I should start writing as well…